Sunday, February 11, 2007




© Backgammon



So once upon a time, when I was traipsing about Turkey, I fell in love with a little game called tavla (a.k.a. backgammon), a tremendously popular pastime among the Turks. Once upon a time, I was also reasonable at this game ... at least, for a foreigner.

But I discovered tonight that I'd forgotten the orientation of the board, and was a bit fuzzy on some of the rules. A look back into my trusty travel diary reminded me of the board set up as above, where if you were the orange player, the bottom left would be your home (and the top left would be purple's home.) But much to my dismay, all online sources seem to show the board in a different configuration! This distresses me greatly. At any rate, I vow to learn to play respectably again, and to fight for the legitimacy of this board configuration! You heard it here first, folks.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Travel friends: the photo montage

I've been meaning to add this photo collection to the page for a dog's (blog's?) age. In no particular chronological order, here's a little shout-out to all of the peeps who made my adventures oh-so-enjoyable this summer.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Bicycle with graphic graffiti in Ljubljana

I find this gruesome image strangely captivating. I'd be curious to know what y'all think.

Blurred trees in Brasov

Again with the "oops" factor on my camera which is notoriously challenged by focusing. But what a result! This one's for you, Robin.

Covered woman in red house

Mom is a big fan of this one (a random woman minding her own business in Istanbul). It's kind of spooky, but kind of awesome too.

St Stephen's spire under cool clouds

Are you beginning to notice a "pointy things under cool cloud formations" theme?


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A fantastic synagogue in Budapest

Godly clouds and light beams in Buda

Perhaps it's because this is a fancy-pants cathedral that the clouds above look so stereotypically Godly??